There is no god!

Wake up world!

Human Rights

It should be a basic human right for everyone in the world to practice the religion of their choice, if they feel that way inclined. Equally everyone should have the right not to practice a religion, the right to be an agnostic or the right to be an atheist. Religion should not be used as weapon to suppress others, and it is morally wrong to indoctrinate children with religious beliefs. Unfortunately oppression by religion has been and still is prevalent in this unfair and unjust world. Religion has no place in education, government or the rule of law. It should be a universal human right to live in a secular society. Government by religion is effectively fascism. Nobody has the right to be treated differently in law just because of their religion.

Hope to cope

If people find it hard to cope with life without the crutch of a religion giving them easy answers then that's fine, especially if the alternative is Prozac. Those of us that trust more to science than mumbo jumbo don't want to know, so please keep your stories of magic men with beards to yourself.

Where is the evidence for a god?

Whilst religious zealots will come up with all sorts of examples of 'proof' for the existence of their god and why you should live by their rules I'm not aware that there has ever been exclusive scientific proof to support religious beliefs. This is all they are, beliefs. Of course it can also be argued that the 'big bang' is only a theory, which indeed it is, and therefore can also be pooh poohed. This is fair enough, but at least some of the physics of the 'big bang' can be proven whereas religion has no truth-based evidence whatsoever.

Why do we have religion?

Even though today our understanding of the universe is barely at the 'scratching the surface' stage, our knowledge is so vast compared with that of the ancient peoples who invented the major religions of the world. It would appear that the questions "Why are we here?" and "How did we get here?" are firmly engrained into the psyche of human beings. These are age old questions that have no doubt always been asked for as long as we've had an intellect. We humans like answers. We feel safe having them. We really don't like mysteries. So in the absence of hard facts we make stuff up. People in the past have explained their world in the only way they could at the time, by using superstition and belief. Some kind of creator god is a nice tidy answer. Sod the science, or lack of it, make something up. Thankfully we've moved on from the days when we used to burn witches. The idea that a woman, slightly different from the norm, perhaps with a few physical defects, perhaps left-handed, living on her own should be considered a threat is laughable if it wasn't so sad. We no longer believe in witches, fairies, goblins or magic so why believe in a religion? It's irrational. But then I suppose many people are.


Charles Darwin's work on the origin of species along with subsequent work and refining by scientists since have gone a long way to explaining how we have evolved. Evolved rather than created. We may never know how life started, but does it really matter?

Laughing stock

If you are a religious fundamentalist, taking the early writings of your religion literally, then you are a fool. They are writings by people whose understanding of the natural world was not that widely developed. Many religious ideas were formed at a time when people believed that illness was caused by evil spirits, and treated accordingly. Of course our in-built immunity takes care of many ailments, so the chances are that the local witch doctor would often have appeared to have been successful thus reinforcing superstitions. Thankfully we don't treat illnesses with magic these days, so why do people continue to believe in 'spiritual' magic?

"Imagine there's no heaven"

Imagine that previously there had never been religion. Then imagine someone today espousing the beliefs and teachings of one of the main religions. They would be ridiculed and considered to be a crack pot. Does longevity of an idea or story afford it some credence? Clearly so.
Whilst people are gullible enough to believe, religion will flourish. Religion is so adept at adapting to, or just denying any new learning that comes along, and people fall for it!
What if nobody believed in a god?
If there was a god would it cease to exist, or would that god be forced to prove its existence?
If you feel that we had to be created by something, and that something is a god, then who created the creator god?
Surely if there was a god, that god would make itself known to us. Knowledge of god would be inbuilt. Relying on 'belief' would seem to be a bit of a design flaw and not particularly smart.
Think about it. If there was a god, what would its raison d'Ítre be?

The god arguments don't add up.

If there was a god surely it would have proved its existence by now.
Worship, what on earth is all that about? If you an all knowing, all powerful and perfect god why would you want people to worship and praise you? As that god you are going to know people's feelings towards you, so you wouldn't need them to worship or praise you as this would be superfluous. It also smacks of vanity, which surely is an imperfection?
Why give us free will to cause misery and pain? That is pretty sick!
Disease, famine, pestilence and war - what kind of cruel bastard would invent these and then expect praise or worship for them?
If you are an omni-present omni-powerful being that is the epitome of love, then why would you allow so much hate to be generated in your name?
These are all very fundamental questions that really cannot be explained in a rational way.

Stating the bleedin' obvious

If you think about it, and I mean really think about it in a rational, logical and unemotional way it doesn't take much to realise that there really is no god. It is just so obvious.

Why do seemingly sane and intelligent people practice religion?

Sadly it is the actions of so called intellectuals that enable the myths to survive and appear legitimate and respectable. This often doesn't make sense. The only conclusion you can deduct from such action is a cynical one; they think it's useful for keeping the masses in their place.

"Religion is the opiate of the people"

Religion has been used to suppress so many people over the centuries, and it continues today. "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people." K. Marx.


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